Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Organizing my craft space

OWH Stars & Stamps has a great tutorial about organizing space for paper crafting. I recently relocated from an entire dedicated paper crafting room to a 3-tiered shelf in our sun room and a work space of one-half of the kitchen table. My first order of business was to go through all of my "stuff" and organize everything into two piles: 1) things I don't like anymore and will never use, and 2) things I do like and will use. This purged loads of cardstock, stickers, embellishments, etc. A friend works with elementary school children and was happy to be the recipient of my unwanted stuff. As you can see, mine is a small operation.

One of my favorite ideas was stolen from my local LSS. I separate my scraps by color group in small drawers (to the right on the middle shelf). They are now accessible and easy to locate, so I use them more.

Here is a bead organizer I found at JoAnn's in the jewelry department. Perfect for my brads and eyelets.

I have a small collection of wooden-backed stamps that are stored in a drawer. I have lots more of the clear stamps stored in smaller drawers on the top shelf, left.

My latest finds were chosen for their fashionable appearance. These card-holders are actually recipe card holders that were bought on sale or for < $5. One is for blank cards awaiting a creative touch for OWH, one for cards I will use, and one for specialty cards that I keep on hand for inspiration.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Dawn W said...

Love the recipe card holders. I bet you could also used napkin holders.

Donna Hanley said...

You have made great use of your space. It's so hard to organize sometimes, but you seem to have it mastered.

Paula S. said...

Great ideas... especially the recipe card holders, that's really clever! Thanks for sharing your space.

Nancy Keller said...

Super cute use of the card holders! I love that idea!

Cindy's Card Co said...

You have organized your items wonderfully.

Marianne said...

Oh I need one of those brad and eyelet holders. Mine are just thrown together in jars.
OWH Blog Team